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Gay & Lesbian Traveller Gay Friendly Venues Travel Tips and Insights = gaytraveller.com.au

Gaytraveller.com.au is fast becoming THE gay and lesbian travellers resource for creating brilliant holidays throughout Australia.

Our website is a valuable resource for the international and local gay, lesbian or bisexual traveller (GLBT) because it brings together so much information about Australian holiday destinations, accommodations and venues that are gay-owned and or gay friendly.

Activities, events and other travel insights are all included from a GLB viewpoint and this up-to-date information assists the GLB community to network, travel safely and enjoy the best options available.

Support from businesses and the GLB community ensures that promotions, information and advice is current and helpful. We strive to bring you local knowledge and to help you network with new and exciting businesses and people. We are bringing GLBT people together by offering quality places and events and together - we create fun, affordable and safe travel and adventures.

Our network is rapidly growing - and we welcome you to join the ranks! Tell us about your experiences or endorse your favourite tourist attractions; pubs, clubs, lounges and night spots; saunas; restaurants and cafes; venues of note; shopping and cruise spots. We would love you to contact us and share your valued information, tips and advice: try our Contact Page or use the Suggest a Venue Form.

We hope to bump into you soon on our next holiday!!! 

Jason Webb

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