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Leading Tourism Industry companies have found a previously unexploited and profitable market catchment in the current economic downturn.

Gay and Lesbian travellers are without the usual "lifestyle factors" that their "married, with 1.5 children, house mortgage and 2 cars" peers have.

Traditionally, the gay and lesbian traveller has more disposible income and fewer lifetyle obligations that affect travel and activity choices. Now, with the current political, social and economic stresses - this market group has more of a drive to vacation, escape from everyday pressure and to take more breaks (both long and short in duration, and preferably in Australia).

Our advertisers join a cutting-edge group of people who recognise the gay and lesbian traveller as both disearning, educated and looking for 'what's out there".

Several options are outlined and have proven to drive business to our current advertisers very successfully. Combine some approaches, or focus on one - we are happy to work with you to create the best approach to ensure value for your marketing spend.  

For direct information and strategy advice about advertising on http://www.gaytraveller.com.au/ please email jason@gaytraveller.com.au. Alternatively, use our "contact us" form.

 ( There are many ways you can make your listing stand out from the crowd )

Featured Destination on Homepage : promote both your venue and services; create a dynamic platform to sell new events, products and promotional activites/sales. With this listing you can have up to 150 words, with a large image and a link directly to your listing on gay traveller. Great for catching the eye straight away.

Cost $ 100 month /  $ 1,000 Yearly.

feature home

Side Banner on Front Page : creates a strong direction of information and call to action, appearing on every page on gaytraveller

Banner Specifications  ( JPEG , GIF , FLASH , JAVASCRIPT )  ( 225 px wide x 500 px Tall )

Cost  1 month $ 150 / 3 months $ 400 /  6 months $ 800

banner sidebar

Destinations we like on Homepage : one of the most powerful promotion tools is an endorsement from a fellow traveller. When featured as a "Destination we like"  on the Homepage, a two-fold approach is working very strongly. Initially your information is on the first page: a powerful spot to be seen in relation to the human beings attention span and cognitive function. The added benefit of an endorsement creates power and validity to your product and drives patronage. There are only 10 spots for this section.

Cost $ 50 month / $ 500 Yearly

destinations we like

Feature Destination on top of each Capital Page :  this creates a stong direction to your establishment with the top destination featured at the top each state page.

Cost $ 25 month

new south wales

Feature Destination on top of each Region : this creates a strong point for your listing within that region

Cost $ 20 month


LISTING $50.00 Yearly 

 Listings are available on Gay traveller for a variety of Gay and Lesbian Venus and Destinations. To add your  listing to our website please complete the form at top of the home page

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One of our team will then verify the details of your listing and make it available on our website.

If you already have a listing and would like to update the listing details or picture, please use the update listing button on the bottom of your listing page .


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